Monday, July 19, 2010

Framed in Mass

"House w/ Eucalyptus"
Watercolor on paper, 2007
15" x 11" (23.80cm x 17.145cm)
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I was generally happy with the way this watercolor turned out, going for the mass surrounding the house. The only problems I had with it was too much green, or at least not enough variance in the tones and colors of green. It would have benefitted from a mixture of warms and cools.

The foreground too could be a bit more interesting, even in it's simplicity.

Watercolor, at least painted in more traditional methods, is tough sometimes. You can not completely remove darker passages, making lightening or changing color temperature difficult.

Even with planning ahead, I still occasionally find the need to make changes to an image.
That said, I still consider this a successful painting.57
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