Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Figure Study-Hips-Legs"

"Figure Study-Hips-Legs"
oil on panel, 2010
7" x 5" (17.78cm x 12.7cm)
private collection

A quick figure study. My focus here was more a study in paint application than an anatomical study, so an experimental study. When it comes to the figure I am still searching a bit for a 'visual voice' in all it's forms.
I usually prefer to have something to say or represent about the subject. Some kind of impression or response that helps guide decisions or gives me direction when it comes to the elements of art and design. Elements like paint application, value, edges, color etc. as well as the more emotional and conceptual responses. This is one of my goals for 2011... to really start working more with the figure until something begins to emerge, to search out some kind of expression then find a way to articulate it visually.96

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