Thursday, October 13, 2011

777- Google's 7 Dynamic views

The Seven Dwarfs, The Seven Samuri...
and now Google has introduced 7 new different ways to view blogs.
And while they are still working on it to allow for better customizations, blogs can still be viewed in them without switching the template over. Click link below to view Avid Art in any of the seven Dynamic views starting with Flipcard. Each has its own characteristics.

You can also at any time click the link 'Google Dynamic Views' in the right hand column at top.

Flip card is best for seeing all images currently on blog at once and allows for sorting by Recent, Date, Label, and Author.
One of the best features all share is infinite scrolling, no clicking older or newer posts.
No matter where you are in scrolling you can access the drop down menu by edging the pointer just over the black line under the title.
Hover over the arrow next to Flipcard to see others.
Have fun with it.
Click on blog title 'Avid Art' to return to this template.

PS- I'm not sure why some images do not appear in Flipcard and Mosaic. But the image is still there to click. On others, images are missing, maybe a result of this being a preview and not a selected template.
Also there seems to be some spacing issues in the translation.


  1. that's coool!!! so how does one do it for their own blog or does it happen automatically?

  2. Hi rahina,
    Go here to Google's Official Blog, ttp://

    Enter your blog url, then use that as your LINK from post editor.
    You can also see it from your blogger editor under design then template designer. Just be sure NOT TO CLICK THE ORANGE 'Apply to Blog' BUTTON or it will override the current template and you may lose that one, unless that is your intention. Make sure you read from their blog to understand.
    Use as a link until you are sure.