Saturday, December 10, 2011

Industrial Drapery

"CHOC Drapery #1"
oil on panel, 2011
7” x 5” (17.78cm x 12.7cm)

My Containment series on modern construction techniques. These days everything gets wrapped in heavy plastic or tarps to contain the work, a sort of cocoon, keeping dust and materials from contaminating the surrounding environment.
Twenty or thirty years ago it was not done and open construction was more prevalent. Modern green thinking has changed our approach to not only recycling but how we do everything.

This painting of the new Children's Hospital Orange County also gave me an excuse to tie together my industrial subject paintings and the long tradition of classic drapery in art history.154

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  1. Es una imagen excelente. EL contraste del blanco.
    Me gusta mucho.
    un Saludo

  2. It's a great image. The contrast of white.
    I love it.
    a greeting

  3. I love your work!
    I especially love the way you capture your subject matter.

  4. Thank you Ricardo,
    I have another similar to this from same series in the works.
    Seasons Greeting

  5. Gracias Ricardo,
    Tengo otra similar a esta misma serie de las obras.
    temporadas Salud

  6. Thank you for your comment Michael,
    It's a subject matter I see everyday, so it is natural to me.