Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PHL - Weeds

"Pacific Harbor Line - Weeds"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2011
6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)

Pacific Harbor Line Series:
The Pacific Harbor Line, the workhorse of the LA Harbor. These black/white one's are part of the low emission line of locomotives for the move towards a greener port. Black and Shiny as tar with striking graphics, they don’t blend in, they stand out. Not graceful looking, they look like they mean business. The back end diagonals point down, the front point up to distinguish front from rear when seen head on. Its side panel graphics angling forward. So a nod of beautiful work to the designers of these burly beasts of burden.

This locomotive is pulling a string of empty intermodal rail cars.171

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  1. good to see you are back in your studio :) this is a wonderful composition with the contrast of nature-made and manmade structures

    1. Thanks rahina,
      My favorite contrast as you well know.
      just now getting back to painting... still have plenty of sorting and reorganizing to do but the easel is calling.
      Must get over to art in oils, see what you are doing.

    2. sorry nothing much to show on my blog. i have been painting continuously but each painting just never seems to finish or bites the dust after weeks of work or sits waiting rethinking. it's an occupational hazard i guess unlike some day jobs where performance and production are steady ;) will get something up soon, let's see :)

  2. Is very interesting mix of nature and the work of man. Always present in your work.
    You are a great artist. Your works speak of human thought.
    a greeting

    1. Thanks ricardo,
      I have not been online much lately so I will have to see your latest work too.
      I always appreciate your thoughtful comments to my work.

    2. Gracias Ricardo,
      No he estado en línea mucho últimamente, así que tendrá que ver su último trabajo también.
      Yo siempre agradezco sus atinados comentarios a mi trabajo.

  3. There you are. Finally see you are fond of yellow flowers after all. I'm blocking in, comping and sketching. I'm so glad you're back in your studio. Happy Easter David.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Well... sure... as long as they come with weeds.
      Good job.
      Yeah, back in the studio, not yet full steam... still have much to do...
      Good hearing from you.
      Keep painting... (comping and sketching)
      Happy Easter too...