Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Value Comps

"Roadside-Barn" value comps
pencil on paper, 2012
page 11" x 8.5" (27.94cm x 21.59cm)

Since I am currently busy on a new body of work I don't have a lot of new work to post.

Here are some recent value studies.
Doing value studies is about working out the arrangement of lights and darks so the subject itself does not have to be exciting or glorious or even beautiful. It's the shapes, how they relate and interlock.

Roadside is one of these. I simply liked the dark shape of the rising bushes against the interlocking wedges of drainage pipes and the roadside.

The barn was originally in daylight but I did not like the light and dark shapes so I morphed it into a nocturne, leaving it with an unseen bright light source.185

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  1. Every job has its interest. I really like the first. As you solve the vegetation. With loose and precise lines. Very good exercise.

    1. Thanks for your comment ricardo,
      The interest here for me of course was the pipes.
      I just had to include them.