Sunday, October 21, 2012

Past Work 3

"Billy Idol"
mixed media on illus. board
13" x 11.5" (33.02cm x 29.21cm)

Number 3 in these past work posts, another experimental piece.

There is a lot I don't like here besides its unfinished state. The whole right side never got resolved. That's OK though. Sometimes it serves as a record of some exploratory technique and quitting on it early is better than killing it with overworking. And maybe that rawness is what I want to remember ...other times it is one area of the work I want to preserve, something new I learned, if I got that out of it that is enough.

That having been said I may decide to 'finish' the right side, if I can do so without spoiling the rest.
The harsh cast and core shadows were intentional (experimental) and lend themselves well to his persona if you know anything about him. Normally a more refined shadow transition would be better but then again this is a stylized portrait.192

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  1. Rock on Billy and David too!
    Another nice one from the past!
    Good luck with your decision to stop or continue painting this piece.
    I hardly ever am sure if a work is "finished"!
    Paint on,

    1. Thanks Michael,
      Been offline for the last 5 days due to modem problems so I am just now seeing your comment.

      I know what you say about when a work is finished or not.
      Sometimes I just stop (this being experimental) other times it is done when I look at it and I can't see anything more it needs.