Saturday, December 29, 2012

iPad Landscape Study

"Landscape Shape Study"
Digital, Brushes App

I am still working on various pieces so without much (traditional medium) work ready to post I figured I had better get something up on the blog.

This is practice, exercising my design muscles, done on my iPad with the Brushes App. Drawn relatively quick focusing on the design of the big shapes and simple composition as well as the distribution of soft edges.

I also managed to get some quality of light into it by adding some texture of the vegetation.
I like it when simple drawings 'spill out' easily. Enough said.202


  1. Very nice David! I am glad you posted this piece. Well done!
    Technology amazes me!
    Happy New Year!
    (Just started to snow "back here!" Forecast for a big snowstorm. The snow is beautiful!)

    1. Happy New Year Michael!
      Yeah, the iPad is fun, even with a basic App.
      I remember (Detroit) snow... it's fun, even with a basic storm.
      Keep painting... it's fun, even with a basic brush.

  2. I follow all your work David. I really like the thematic industrial. Where the design is secondary, what matters is the function. I like the anthropomorphic metaphor. I find it very interesting your work with the iPad, I have the remaining issue.
    Greetings from Spain

    1. Happy New Year Ricardo!
      Always nice to hear from you and what you like. I plan on doing more of other subjects in 2013 but I will always do plenty of industrials. I simply must as they are a big part of me. I paint what I see in them so I will never stop.
      Keep painting...

      Feliz Año Nuevo Ricardo!
      Siempre es bueno saber de usted y lo que le gusta. Mi plan es hacer más de otros temas en 2013, pero siempre voy a hacer un montón de industriales. Yo simplemente como debe que son una gran parte de mí. Yo pinto lo que veo en ellos, así que nunca se detendrá.
      Mantenga la pintura ...

  3. This drawing is great David, I love the way the dark foreground plays off the mellow skyline. Great to see other artists drawing with the iPad too!

  4. Thanks Sam,
    Although for digital world I only have a couple basic apps, I certainly like the immediacy of the medium. Turn it on and go, no worries wasting expensive art materials. I also enjoy it for studies and testing out potential artistic ideas.