Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sketch Doodle Postcard Backside

Ballpoint pen on postcard, 2013
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

Since I am working on several projects I don't have a lot to post so here is another sketch doodle.

This was done on the backside of a postcard tucked in my door by solicitors so I figured instead of feeding the recycle bin as usual I would make some use of it.

As you can see this kind of sketch doodling is very different from my usual work. That's the point.

It is a way to artistically get away from that. No pressure to 'make' anything. Just put pen to paper and see what emerges. I start with random scribbles and allow things to develop from there.223


  1. It is an interesting exercise let the from flowing pattern. Not be responsible for the outcome. What is said automatic drawing. I think it's very surreal.
    Also congratulations on watercolor bunker. That is unused. Unfortunately in Europe if it came to use.
    Long live the Art

  2. Thank you ricardo,
    It is very relaxing and fun to work this way. I do these often when I am stuck waiting somewhere.
    Yes, we were fortunate here in the US, many areas prepared for invasions that never came.

    Keep painting...

    Gracias ricardo,
    Es muy relajante y divertido para trabajar de esta manera. Yo hago esto a menudo cuando estoy atrapado esperando en alguna parte.
    Sí, tuvimos la suerte aquí en los EE.UU., muchas zonas preparadas para la invasión que nunca llegó.

    Mantenga la pintura ...

  3. David!
    Ricardo is so very correct! Surreal they are! I love them! I love the exercise also! Great paintings some day! Add loads of color on a huge surface! Wow!
    Now I have to copy Ricardo when he writes, "Long live the Art!"
    Take care buddy!

  4. Thank you Michael,
    They are definitely fun, just letting things materialize on their own.
    I never know what will materialize.