Thursday, February 12, 2015

Summer Art-A-Fair

I have great news. This past weekend I submitted work for jurying into the Art-A-Fair in Laguna Beach California and I was accepted.
Laguna Beach is a major art destination known for its art galleries, art walks, the  Laguna Art Museum , the Laguna College of Art + Design and famous resident artists.

It is an annual two month (66 days) art fair in one of three venues clustered together in the Southern California art colony. The other two are the Festival of the Arts, also known for its spectacular Pageant of the Masters Show and The Sawdust Festival. All three take place simultaneously.
The show opens June 26 and goes until August 30 2015.

Great art event in a great art town during our beautiful summer.

I must thank my artist friend Amanda Fish who encouraged I enter after I visited her booth at Art-A-Fair last year.

Time to get busy painting so I have enough work for the show.

More posts to follow as the Fair draws closer and I get more details.


  1. Good morning or good evening David!
    Great news! Being excepted to a jury show is always a great thing! Good for you! Good for them also! Sounds like a wonderful venue! I bet everyone who attends will love seeing your work and maybe even get a chance to meet the artist! I will definitely google Art-A-Fair, Gallery Shows ASAP! How many works can you enter? Will you group your work with a certain theme in mind? So very exciting! I am so very happy for you buddy! Also so very happy for those who attend!
    How is the weather treating you in Southern California? I hope you get good weather soon! Maybe a gradual introduction to some much needed rain. We are having record snow falls in Massachusetts! I mean record breaking amounts! Over six feet of snow in less than three weeks. Another foot predicted over the weekend! As much as I love snow I am so very concerned now for the many problems too much snow can produce! All that being said it is so off the charts beautiful to see everything and I mean everything covered in a blanket of snow!
    Again, congratulations on being excepted into the show! Best of luck! I will be on the lookout for postings of your latest works!
    Take care David!
    Your Wishing HIs South Coast Californian Art Buddy All The Best Art Pal!
    Michael Still Lover Of Snow!

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thank you, I was thrilled I got accepted my first year of applying. There were a lot of other artists applying and only a few slots available.
    Each artist gets a booth (a wall to hang paintings for sale) and it is up to each artist to have enough work to fill their booth for the entire 2 months.
    The fair is for the sale of work so the buyer takes it with them when they buy it.
    I then replace it with another painting.
    Allowing for the potential sales of work, that could be a lot I would need to have ready. I'm still working out the numbers and planning out the whole event but I plan on have several genres I work in, including industrial of course.

    BTW you can click my links in the post and see what it is all about.

    Our winter is summer right now. It has been in the 80's here. I'm not sure who placed the order for the weather but someone should have told them to order winter weather, sheesh! Rediculous!
    No rain, no snow! and we need it bad!
    It is so dry here, with our drought, I feel guilty painting in watercolors!

    I wonder how much it costs to ship snow from Boston to Southern California, do you know?

    Keep painting...
    Your Still Too dry Parched So Cal Art Pal

  3. Congratulations David!!
    Such an honour to be accepted - and they are lucky to have you! I've just had a quick look at the exhibitors and the quality of work is fantastic!
    I wish I was close enough to visit the show! Sounds like you will be kept busy between now and then!

    I hope you've had some rain since you responded to Michael's comment. It's no fun being in drought. We're just getting a few drops of summer rain as I write, and expect to get downpours tomorrow from the tail-end of a cyclone that has hit the northwest coast.

    Happy painting!!

    1. Thank you Wendy
      It is going to be a lot of work preparing and painting for the show. Who knows how many paintings will sell so I must be well prepared so I don't have blank walls should it all go well.
      Yes, the quality is top-notch so I will have to bring my best.

      Rained only once since then. With our current heat wave all the snow has melted on the local mountains. Right now temps are in the 80's and 90's! So much for winter/spring!

      Keep painting...

  4. Congratulations on your success.
    It is important for an artist show their work.
      It's like gasoline for cars, do not work without it.
    Congratulations once again

    1. Hi ricardo,
      Thank you. I agree it is important to get our work out there for other's to see and this is a big opportunity... a full tank of gas!
      I am excited for this showing. With it lasting two months, it will be my biggest in the last couple years.
      Thanks and
      Keep painting...