Saturday, November 12, 2016

Where have I been?

My hard drive crashed a month ago. Instantly no computer.
Really wierd. We expect it to be there always.
Yes I do have an iPad but it is the first version and likes to crash (shut off) while I'm using it but of course it likes to wait until I am in the middle of writing a comment, on your blog?, or researching or visiting the art sites I go to and especially while I was researching my computer woes and how to fix it.


I got in there, replaced the hard drive with a better SSD but am still slowly restoring the system from the back up drive, with many annoying little snags along the way. Restore System with one click? Nooooo. I got message, something about there is not enough space on the new drive even though it was the same size as the old one.
Missed it by that much?! I should have went bigger with it.


I will get back to posting something soon. I am behind.
Stay tuned.

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