Monday, August 29, 2011

Rabbits Everywhere and Looking Forward...

Posts here on my blog may start getting rather sparse as I finish work for the upcoming show at the Randy Higbee Gallery October 1st 2011. Click here and here for earlier info on that show.

I'll do my best to post something at least once a week, but even doing that requires time to assemble and write and that is time better spent on painting. I will post some random images of work for this show as it approaches, so stay tuned.

The amount of work always seems like a daunting task with research, preparing panels, and all the other details I seem to forget about before I can even begin putting down paint. Even with all the help I get with calendars, schedules, gallery contacts, framing, accounting, archiving current work and too many other mundane tasks to mention it can seem overwhelming.

Some chores like cleaning and re-organizing get left out though, my studio is becoming choked with works in progress, materials strewn about and stuff I call 'Rabbits'... those little odd things laying around that seemingly come out of nowhere and multiply when I'm not looking (you know, clutter). Sometimes I have to hopscotch thru my studio. Bummer dude.

I am however excited, already have some work done, several larger works in progress and am chomping at the bit to begin others. This kind of nervous energy is always positive thing. It's the energy that feeds and drives me towards a goal. I like deadlines, I find I'm much more decisive with less time for second guessing. Those gut instinct decisions are usually right. My best work is usually born out of necessity.


  1. sounds like you are well on track with the preparations. btw where did you get those lamps? i can't seem to find anything as practical as those (are they floor lamps?) as for studio rabbits... every rabbit that is there has a purpose... that's how i justify it when working hard;)

  2. hi David, apologies, i lost the comment you left on one of my paintings when i was reposting!

  3. rahina,
    Yes, every rabbit has a purpose... there's just sooo many of them!
    (when I get busy I have the habit of not putting things away)

    as for the comment, don't sweat it, I'll come on over there to 'art in oils' and recomment ...
    the lamps... I'll shoot an email your way and leave you a link.