Friday, August 19, 2011

One Man Show - Coast Magazine ad

Here is the first formal announcement for my show at the Randy Higbee Gallery this fall. Above is the ad for Coast Magazine.
More info on what I will be showing here.
The above image, "Catalina Pacific Concrete (View from North)", blog post here.

Click on image for larger view


  1. congratulations on this show. Randy is a go getter and a great promoter.

  2. Thanks Mary,
    Yes he is and I'm really looking forward to the show, all new work.

  3. congratulations on the one man show David! it will be good to hear how it goes. and good luck in the preparation for it:)

  4. Thank you rahina,
    It is a ton (907.19 kg) of work to do. And not only that , but it's a ton (907.19 kg) of work to do. But I'm really enjoying it, wouldn't want to do anything else. You should see my studio... there is stuff everywhere.
    Did I mention it's a ton(907.19 kg) of work to do?

  5. yep, David, i kinda got the idea that what you gotta do is just under a ton:)
    as for your studio, i doubt anyone would be able to get in to see it;)
    good luck!

  6. rahina... see next post... I can barely get in.
    I'm probably down to about 3/4 of a ton (680.38855 kg) ;)