Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vincent Thomas Bridge #12

"Vincent Thomas Bridge #12"
oil on panel, 2011
8" x 6" (20.32cm x 15.24cm)

Bridge Series:
Bridges carry a certain civic pride much like state and country pride. Their primary function may be utilitarian but for locals they are a source of identity.

Views looking up like this are described as a worms eye view. Not immediately recognizable as the bridge tower but still a dramatic composition. Visible are the two 'X' braces at top left.

The point of view here is just below and outside the roadway, essentially like hanging off the side of the bridge. On the other side of the chain link fence at left is where the traffic is whizzing by.
This is the bridge tower being wrapped in scaffolding, which will reach to the top, in preparation for painting. The scaffolding will then be wrapped in plastic to contain the work.165

Here is another view that shows the tower completely wrapped.
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  1. great perspective David!

    1. Thanks Rahina,
      I enjoy doing atypical views of subjects.

  2. a celestial direction. A bridge across obstacles. A great metaphor with a functional theme. Believe in the man. In his work.
    A greeting.

    1. Thank you Ricardo,
      A very generous comment. And from another artist who paints such spectacular bridges himself.

    2. Gracias Ricardo,
      Un comentario muy generoso. Y de otro artista que pinta tan espectaculares puentes sí mismo.