Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boulder in Burnscape

"Burnscape #3"
watercolor, graphite on paper, 2007
9" x 12" (22.86cm x 30.84cm)

Here is an early watercolor from my Burnscape series.
I liked this view for the boulder and rock ledge in the foreground.
The white ash was put in more opaquely since there was no way to retrieve the white of the paper or effectively spare it out and build the forms of the hillside properly.
I do not mind this however. The ash sits on top and really pops out or forward, giving the scene greater depth, helps define the topography of the hill and gives it a cool blueish color against the warms of the hillside.

I could have tried a masking fluid but had none at the time and wanted to dive right into painting. In fact I never really use masking fluid anyway.
As other artists know, sometimes you need to strike while the iron is hot, jump right in when you have a sudden inspiration, no planning, just throw down paint and see what results from it.
Not all work out this way but when they do it can be satisfying.

I was happy with this one because I managed to achieve a certain richness of tone and color relatively effortlessly.
I did not have to fight the usual watercolor battles ending up with an overworked painting.173

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  1. I often say that when I paint, there are times that the picture becomes a battlefield. It is very interesting topic you have chosen. The burned area, the landscape after the fire. Capture the effects of the fire and make a work of art and also a reflection.
    I think the way to do the work is not so important, what matters is the final result.
    a greeting.

  2. It's true we all have to fight the battle at times.
    And I agree, it is the final result that matters most. After all, that is what will last.
    The burned landscape is unlike most others and quite eerie. A great subject to explore.
    Keep painting...

    Es cierto que todos tenemos que pelear la batalla a veces.
    Y estoy de acuerdo, es el resultado final lo que más importa. Después de todo, eso es lo que va a durar.
    El paisaje quemado es a diferencia de la mayoría de los demás y muy misterioso. Un gran tema para explorar.
    Mantenga la pintura ...

  3. David!
    Wow! I love your work. It is my pleasure to visit your blog and discover your newest gem. Thanks so much for posting.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I always appreciate your visits.

      Y'all come back now... we'll leave the light on.