Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oceanside Pier

"Oceanside Pier"
oil on panel, 2012
3.5" x 5" (8.89cm x 12.7cm)
.... private collection...

I love days like these along the coast. Warm drifting fog, deep shadows, silvery spot lights spilling randomly across the ocean and landscape. They are vaguely haunting. That was enough for this painting.

I should point out this is not the best picture of this painting. In order to get enough light in the foreground shadow I lost some of the subtlety of the lights.175

Click on image for larger view.


  1. In this painting the light is very disturbing. The silver colors suggest low light and soft. I think the palm tree that is cut into the sky. very well structured the work , with backlight. The dark part of the first term, helps to mystery.
    a greeting

  2. Thank you Ricardo,
    Originally the foreground was not as dark, but made for a rather dull image. When I am able to recognize this I am sometimes able to make the right changes and save the painting.

    Thanks for your astute comments.
    Keep painting...

    Gracias Ricardo,
    Originalmente, el primer plano no era tan oscuro, pero hecho para una imagen más bien aburrido. Cuando soy capaz de reconocer esto a veces soy capaz de hacer los cambios adecuados y guardar la pintura.

    Gracias por sus comentarios sagaces.
    Mantenga la pintura ...