Saturday, May 5, 2012

iPad Painting

"The Lookout" (in progress 1)

"The Lookout" (in progress 2)

"The Lookout" (in progress 3)

In addition to the oils, several watercolors and a commissioned piece, I have been working on a large watercolor recently. It's bigger than I typically work in watercolor so I am presented with a different set of challenges to overcome. Although it hasn't won every skirmish we are at a stand off right now, a stare down, the art version of OK Corral. When I am victorious and the dust settles I'll post it.
For now...

I recently got an iPad and picked up the Brushes app which is basic enough I won't be overwhelmed learning the digital medium. So here is one of the first few experimental digital paintings. Of course I need to keep it pretty simple in the beginning.

I will use it primarily to experiment, have fun, do quick location studies when I'm out and about and stuck waiting. Maybe I will use it for compositional studies too... who knows. First I have to learn how to use the thing, it is both fun and frustrating.
Working in other mediums is good though. It has a way of feeding and strengthening my work. Especially when struggles ensue. At times of struggle it is a way of stepping back from the fray and relaxing without losing any momentum.

One advantage of digital is not having to photograph it. In fact what is up on the screen is more faithful to the actual work. I am usually disappointed in some way in the photos of my non-digital art work.

There is always something that isn't right. Color, more often than not, is the culprit. Other times it is the texture of an oil painting catching those pesky little highlights which read like little white specks... drives me crazy since it is time consuming eliminating them all.

Another advantage is saving progress shots. I don't have to grab the camera and mess with lighting to take a progress shot, just save it.

I'll post a final shot of this digital when it is complete. Not much more to do. Just some little tweaks here and there.177

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  1. I really liked the previous post. Bridge lit against the dark background is very good. The train is very well placed. Leaving room to run.
    As ipad should be fun, I've seen but have not tried it yet.

    1. Ricardo,
      Thanks for the comment. It is not the best photo of painting... sometimes it must leave the studio too soon.
      iPad if fun, a relief from the rigors of traditional mediums.
      Keep painting..

  2. Hey David, thanks for those great tips you've given me.
    Great work as usual!

    1. You're welcome Kan,
      Thanks and Keep up the good work over there.
      Keep painting...

  3. Nice work David.
    I love visiting your wonderful blog.
    So important to have good art in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic art with so many.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks and come back as often as you like... it's free.
      Keep painting...

  4. I'm intriged by the digital comping w ipad possibilities. The plein air 'Series' very challenging. Stape has 12+ posts on plein air, incredible. Thanks for leading me to his blog. Still wishing S. Cal was allot closer. Starting a 6 week Drawing Fundamentals with Sadie Valerie in S.F. May 19-June 24.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Susan,
      Yeah I see it as another tool for this purpose.
      Open, draw, save.
      Been reading his posts.
      Have fun with 6 week course, you will learn great stuff from one of the best.

      Keep painting (comping)