Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No House of Cards

"Catalina Pacific Concrete (Storm)"
watercolor on paper, 2012
8" x 11" (20.32cm x 27.94cm)
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Here again is the old shut down concrete plant, with its gangly proportions, facing an incoming storm.
I sometimes find that a subject can have different faces, a persona about them that can shift as I see it from different views and/or in various lighting or weather conditions.
I then have to decide how to present that perception through design of composition, value and other art elements.

As I said in my post of this similar view, the building seems precarious when seen from its narrow side.
The difference here is I've bracketed it between the railroad signal and power pole which support it and hold it upright, the verticals providing a stability to the shaky structure. And shown it in a 3/4 view so the side adds some solidity, giving it more of a sound brick feel. Shifting the perception from a house of cards to one that can withstand anything.179

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  1. Still working with your range of muted colors. You get good result. The works are very expressive. Give a human dimension to things.
    Has the spirit of Edward Hooper.
    a greeting

  2. Thanks for your comment Ricardo,
    Hopper is one of my favorites. Reading about his work he responded to the anthropomorphic look inherent in some things, I see the same.

    I'm still experimenting with watercolor, searching for a visual voice in it, but I seem to favor two different styles or 'looks' for now.

    The limited palette/muted colors I have been favoring lately seems to say better what might get lost with too much color.

    Keep painting...

    Gracias por tu comentario Ricardo,
    Hopper es uno de mis favoritos. La lectura de su obra, respondió a la mirada antropomórfica inherente a algunas de las cosas, veo la misma.

    Todavía estoy experimentando con acuarela, en busca de una voz visual en ello, pero parecen estar a favor o dos estilos diferentes 'looks' por ahora.

    La gama de colores limitada / colores apagados que he estado a favor últimamente parece decir mejor lo que podría perderse con mucho color.

    Mantenga la pintura ...