Saturday, August 18, 2012

NWS 92nd Annual Exhibition

Here is the formal announcement for the National Watercolor Society 2012 Annual Exhibition.
I am thrilled to have been among those accepted since entries usually range over a thousand.
There are some really great artists in the show including some whose work I have followed for years.

Here is my painting "PHL Sulfur Pile" that will be part of the exhibition, and a previous post about this  NWS Show.

I am also happy to announce this same painting will be included in the traveling show which will tour the USA over the next 12 months following the exhibition.

And for more good news, I was accepted for NWS Signature status after submitting 3 additional paintings for review.

Link to NWS website and NWS facebook.


  1. congratulations David! All well deserved ... you have worked hard on your wonderful paintings and reap the rewards and recognition:)
    I will check out NWS also. best wishes r.

    1. Thanks Rahina,
      I have been working at it hard and this one was a particular challenge. Have not been posting new work lately but will soon as I have been busy on a body of work.

      Keep painting...

  2. Congratulations David! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news with all your blog followers.
    I am so happy when a fellow artist gets well deserved recognition!
    Now I am eagerly awaiting some new posts of your latest creations. Keep on keeping on.
    Take care!
    Your art buddy,

  3. Thanks Michael,
    My posts are a little bit spare right now... but I will have to post something here sometime soon.

    Keep painting...