Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ricky the Cat

oil on panel, 2010
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)
private collection

I painted a cat.
That looks oh so fat.
But really is just a fluffy black cat.
A cat that really is black like a bat.
A simple painting of Ricky the cat.

Attentive to something that must be a gnat.
Surely he'd get up if it were a rat.
So tell me, just what do you think of that?

Stretched out on the floor til it's time to chore.
Cats catch all the varmints till there are no more.
This is their story, from all days yore.
Or maybe it is just feline folklore.

Task is all done, catnap on the table.
This is the end of my little fable.208


  1. David!
    Great painting!
    Great poem!
    Does "Ricky" exist!
    Nice! Something very different is fun!

  2. Hi Michael,
    Hope you are getting through all your stormy snowy weather OK.
    Thanks and yes Ricky does exist, he is my sisters cat. Her other one I did 2 paintings of is Lucy. If you click 'cat' label you will see them.
    And yes..... named after THAT Ricky and Lucy... From "I love Lucy".

    1. I will check "cat" labels to see more of your wonderful cat paintings ASAP!
      "Ricky" and "Lucy" have to be two of the best names ever for cats and people!
      Take care buddy.