Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trackside Watercolor Landscape

watercolor on paper, 2012
6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)
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Here's another done in a looser approach. I only do the barest line drawing of the big shapes, then find the image in paint. A landscape in Oceanside California, trackside on the scenic Amtrak route.
For me this is a departure from the usual industrial railroads I do. It is more landscape than railroad, the only hint is the shed at the edge of the tracks, which are represented by the only straight line in the composition.
This is similar to the approach I used on this cityscape.206


  1. Hello David!
    Before I read your entry I could see the difference in this wonderful piece immediately!
    A very nice change! Very "Winslow Homerish!"
    When I take the commuter rail into Boston I look at the many New England cranberry bogs and I think that you would love to paint them!
    The train itself is a horrible purple and so new looking that it is boring.
    Big snowstorm in my area! Two to three feet of heavy wet snow! Brrr!
    No power for four days? Nice to be back online to check out all my artist friends' blogs!
    Great work David!
    Your cold and snowy East Coast Art Buddy!
    Brrrr Michael

  2. Hi Michael
    Yes, I think I would like to paint the cranberry bogs. I have seen some art of these over the years. Mine here is near the Pacific Ocean and is adjacent to the coastal marshlands.
    Sorry about your lack of power, must make it colder.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Your warmer (no)snowy West Coast Art Buddy
    Keep painting...