Friday, March 29, 2013

Sketchbook Doodles 2

Ballpoint pen in pocket sketchbook, 2012
5.5" x 4" (13.97cm x 10.16cm)

Here's another page of sketchbook fun. Nothing serious, just letting it flow.213


  1. Good morning David!
    Love your last two Sketchbook Doodles! Fun is so very important! Often "just letting flow" is the way to go! (Rhyme not intended!)
    I have an art buddy, Ric Haynes, who does very large colorful pairings very similar to your doodles! I think you would enjoy his website. Most of his work is motivated by his dreams! He is one of my favorite Boston artists!
    Art on! Paint on! Fun on!
    (Because you are an "Avid Artist" I am an "Avid Artist Follower!"

  2. Hi Michael,
    Yes, fun is important, keeps the creative juices pouring and not tied to a mooring (pun intended)!

    I looked in on Ric Haynes website and yes, very enjoyable and imaginative! I particularly like his ink and watercolor drawings as well as his linocut books. Thanks.

    Keep painting...