Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sketchbook Doodles 1

pencil in pocket sketchbook, 2012
5.5" x 4" (13.97cm x 10.16cm)

I do these when I need to warm up, am stuck waiting somewhere or need a break from the tighter more intense paintings.
This sort of sketching is really about nothing specific. Instead, just letting my mind wander and see what emerges. It is a good way to re-enjoy the creative process when struggling with more serious work and I feel the fun draining away from it. Then when I return I am refreshed.
It's all about the fun.212


  1. I just looked at your new website. It looks great. I love the broken window paintings--well I like everything there!! I feel a need to do a website too (no scrolling necessary). Would you recommend WordPress? Thanks for your recent comments David. I appreciate them.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you! Mine is still under construction so you will see it evolving.
    Yes I would recommend WordPress. I like the no scrolling grid layout, perfectly suited for image based (sales) blogs. It is such a simple idea I can't believe Google has not caught on.

    WordPress is a bit more complicated but not too bad if you have already operated a blog. Do expect a new learning curve at first.
    WordPress designs are slightly more elegant than Googles so they look good as a website stand in.

    I am using their FREE 'Hatch' theme.
    What you see is my home page, the same grid layout can be used on their pages and with the pages you can edit the sequence of the images (but not so the home page). I wanted mine to open up with the images, as few clicks as possible.

    WordPress recently launched their 'portfolio themes', designs specifically for artists and photographers, hence the grid layout.

    Here is a link.

    They have over 200 themes I think, 33 'portfolio themes', some costing $ if you want more features.

    Keep painting...