Saturday, April 27, 2013

Urban River 6

"LA River #4"
oil on panel, 2013
2" x 2⅜" (5.08cm x 6.01cm)

I know I know... it's really blue...
probably should have thrown some other colors in it!

This is another tiny painting, fun and quick to do. I like to do these when I am in the middle more demanding works. Works that require lots of time and lots of sessions layering, drying, layering, drying. It gets long and drawn out so I find myself wanting some 'finished' satisfaction. That is the case right now. I'm working on several paintings in oil and watercolor, two of them commissions.

This is a pipeline bridge and there are several along the southern end of the LA River in Long Beach California where much of the harbor industry is located.
I love these huge sheets of concrete. All they do is carry the pipes across the river, but are very simple and dramatic.220


  1. It's amazing light having the paint. The decisive and firm stroke. Also very interesting are the drawings you've been doing lately.
    I am also interested in industrial landscapes. They have a monstrous beauty.

    1. Thank you ricardo,
      These are fun quick studies, more plein air in approach, wet into wet paint alla prima. Very different than my usual oils.
      Thanks for comment on drawings. I am posting more of that since I am working on various larger projects.
      Yes, I agree, the industrial holds in it a monstrous beauty,
      Keep painting...

      Gracias ricardo,
      Estos son divertidas estudios rápidos, más aire del plein en el enfoque, mojado en pintura húmeda alla prima. Muy diferente de mis aceites habituales.
      Gracias por comentar dibujos. He colgado más de eso ya estoy trabajando en varios proyectos de mayor envergadura.
      Sí, estoy de acuerdo, el industrial tiene en ella una belleza monstruosa,
      Mantenga la pintura ...

  2. Ricardo is right! "Monstrous Beauty!" Wow! So very right on!
    Amazing is the word that came to my mind even before I read his comments!
    The blue is the first thing I noticed and loved! I am so very partial to blues! "Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose!" James Taylor
    I am so amazed that you are able to get all that great art on such a small surface. Bravo David!
    I love, love concrete also! I love it broken in pieces, jagged, and rough. Also love when sometimes rust is on it!
    Your subject matter and your art amaze me!
    Bravo, again, buddy!
    Another gem my friend!
    Take care West Coast Artist!

    1. Hi Michael, the Mighty, Mighty Bostone!,
      I should point out the photo of the painting is more blue than the original painting which has olive green in the water shadow reflections and there is more warmth to the sky, but hey I'm an artist more than a photographer!
      Thank you for your comments.

      Love the quick and satisfying, the fast and the furious. Put my nose into the painting, sit up and it's done! I need that when working on pieces that go past a week or more. I need to see something to a finish.

      Isn't concrete just great! And rust too, never sleeps.
      Keep painting...

      translated into traditional chinese I said:




  3. Amazing detail and beautifully done and on such a small support!! i love the blue, it defines the subject! looking forward to seeing the pieces in progress.

    1. Thank you Suzanne,
      I enjoy these 'mini's'. Glad you like the blue, I could not decide if I overdid it, sometimes we don't know until we try, so thanks for your feedback.

      Keep painting...