Saturday, June 8, 2013

Corrugated 3-watercolor

watercolor on paper, 2012
6" x 9" (15.24cm x 22.86cm)

The challenge on this one was the street since it takes up so much of the picture plane, about as much as the sky, and has the same colors so I made sure to vary the texture.
My favorite parts are the corrugated fence caught in a half light, revealing its buckled shapes, and of course the bright yellow accent of the sulfur pile.228


  1. I'm glad you pointed that out, the way you used the same colors but created different textures. It didn't occur to me that you had done that, because the sky is not the same as the concrete below. But if one looks outside, the colors of anything are related to whatever the sky color is at the moment. I think that's the secret to a well executed work of art, the fact that the color palette is consistent throughout, without seeming to be so. You've done that beautifully, and I also see how the use of colors creates the composition so effectively. This is an awesome piece. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Katherine,
      Colors being related to the sky is especially true when there is water. I live near the ocean and it really reflects the sky.
      Fortunately we can vary some art element, texture, value, shape, size etc. and make it work.

      Keep painting...

  2. Behind the ugly appearance, industrial landscapes have a great wealth of shapes and color. I like this picture, the gray sky, the absence of the sun gives more dramatic, and the only light is the ¡sulfur!, how ironic. Always the industrial landscape has strength. Just thinking that the designs are absolutely pragmatic.

  3. Hi ricardo,
    You are right, there is a great wealth of shapes and color, and a great wealth of shapes with-in each.
    The sulfur piles are always bright whether the day is sunny, overcast or raining. One of the reasons I am attracted to them. They are a beacon in the industrial landscape.

    Keep painting...

  4. Good morning David!
    Another gem!
    Ricardo always says so many wonderful things about your work!
    Today while enjoying this piece so many great one word comments came to mind!
    Danger! Drama! Great, great darks! Great shapes! I love the mood. Also your skill is ever present! I love the tiny bit of yellow screaming out for attention! So much more to say but I will let this one speak for itself!
    Bravo buddy!

    1. Michael, Thank you,
      I am always happy to hear your reactions, especially one word reactions. That tells me it has some immediate impact on you, very much the same as when I saw the scene.
      I love the sulfur piles which is why you see me paint them often.

      Keep painting...