Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vincent Thomas Bridge #3

"Vincent Thomas Bridge #3"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2011
7" x 5" (17.78cm x 12.7cm)

Here is an early painting from my Vincent Thomas Bridge series that I never posted.
It is an unusual view that is not immediately recognizable as a bridge but that for me is part of its appeal.

Bridges carry a certain civic pride much like state and country pride. Their primary function may be utilitarian but for locals they are a source of pride.

This view from the catwalk underneath the roadway shows the scaffolding being erected around the tower base. Painting the bridge is a job that's never finished. It’s a 6 month process to wrap the tower from the ground up in scaffolding and then plastic sheeting to contain the work. Then the painting can begin.230


  1. Okay David!
    Your work is fantastic!
    What else can I say or write.
    I love, love, your subject matter! The angles you choose for your design!
    I love your skill! I love that you love bridges, scaffolding, trains, urban structures, rust, old beautiful things of all sorts! The stories behind your works are so very important and interesting! Thanks for posting your art! I never would have "met" you or been able to see your wonderful art!
    Growing up in East Boston, MA I was so very fortunate to have a high school art teacher that allowed us to paint our neighborhood and city environment.
    Do you like the New York Ash Can artists. Love them.
    I also love John Sloan!
    (We may have had this discussion before? Don't get old!)
    Thanks buddy!
    Your city scape liking art buddy!

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thank you! I see I paint and so do you as you said about your HS art teacher. We see Boston and your neighborhood through your eye's, as no one else could do.
    I love the Ashcan School. Robert Henri, John Sloan, George Luks, George Bellows are among my favorites.
    Saw a George Bellows show at LA County Museum of Art years ago and was blown away, so exciting see his work in person.
    (and no we have not yet had this discussion).

    Keep painting...
    Your West Coast Ashcan Art Comrade

  3. I love this painting David! Being at such a height amongst the girders evokes both a feeling of power - and freedom. There is something epic about it.
    Love the colours and patterns in the girders too!

  4. Thank you Wendy,
    Having had the chance to walk the catwalks under the bridge, where this view is from, was very much as you describe. That experience led to this series. I love bridges.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

    Keep painting...