Monday, August 5, 2013


I am very excited to announce that today marks the official launch of my new Locomotive Series available on DAILY PAINTWORKS.

Here is the direct link to the first one ...  "UP 4343", showing a couple of Union Pacific Locomotives in the late afternoon, a glorious burst of light from behind... perfectly apropos for the launch.


This series showcases the locomotive, for now its classic profile, of which there will still be plenty of variation as you will see.
Variation in the size of the locomotive (with-in the picture), location, lighting, weather conditions, back, middle and foreground, cropping etc.

And by starting with the classic profile in the same format it is on track to be a collectable series.
As I continue to 'flesh out' the series I'll add other views. It promises to be robust!
My previous post shows the thumbnails I did for this and another one.

If you are familiar with my work already then you know I work this way, bouncing from one series to another so although I will be posting plenty of these Locomotives there will also be other subjects and genre's dropped in between.

You never know what you'll find, cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes, the figure, more of my noted industrials?
How 'bout some surprises?
I have ideas bouncing around in my head like a pachinko game.

It's been fun so far and I almost feel guilty about that, almost   ; )


  1. Ola amigo!
    Hi David!
    I love your Daily Paint Works Page!
    It is a thrill to see so much of your wonderful work in one place.
    Good luck!
    I love all your subject matter. However I do like your hint of some surprises! Let's see some of those ideas that are bouncing around!
    Fun is great! I absolve you of all guilt!
    Keep on keeping on David!

    1. Ola Michael,
      Thank you, I finally found a home for my available works.
      As you know I tried other sources that did not quite pan out.

      Surprise will come and will be really different from my usual work. They will be for fun. Who knows where that will lead.
      Thanks for absolution! ; )

      Keep painting...