Friday, August 23, 2013

Series-Locomotive-PHL 64 Two Tree's

"PHL 64-Two Tree's"
oil on panel, 2013
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

This is number 3 of the series.

The Pacific Harbor Line is the switching railroad company that operates in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach California.

This series is a lot of fun but I am also approaching it as an opportunity to experiment in various ways.

To give it some exuberance I went with brighter colors in what would otherwise be somber grays, blacks and tans of concrete, asphalt and fencing. Even the black locomotive reflects blue.
Here, the 64 rolls solo heading back towards the port of LA to work.(3)236

I am still terribly frustrated with the way images are uploading. I just can't get decent image quality.
If anyone knows why please let me know. Thank you

**I have updated this post with a 'fixed' photo. This is how it should have looked in the first place.


  1. David, this is just amazing. i so love the feeling your work evokes. so precise but at the same time masterfully loose and alive! beautifully done!

    1. Hi suzanne,
      Thank you, I am always happy to hear from you, such an accomplished artist. And thanks for your comment. I love the subject and yes they are alive as I stand there watching them roll by. You can really feel the rumble as it passes.
      They are precision machines so I am glad you see that coming through my work.
      Keep painting...

  2. Hello My Art Buddy!
    I love your work so very much David! Love the light in this piece! A big of a change? I love the subject matter you choose, your skill at painting, the emotional effect and so much more! Another treasure David!
    My Dad worked on the Massachusetts Old Colony Line and the New Haven years ago! I loved it when he took me for a ride on his huge truck. I can still smell the kerosene that seemed to be everywhere. I know that is when and where I learned to love trains and working class folk! Today, when I take the commuter rail into Boston and then get on the Boston subway system I am like a little boy all over again. Enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of trains. Your wonderful art brings back all those great memories! Thank you my friend! Your art is powerful!
    Michael Train Lover!

    1. Michael!
      Fancy meetin' you here!
      Thanks for your comments. I'm happy to hear these bring back good memories for you, me too.
      You mentioned in an earlier post your Dad worked for the railroad, very cool.
      Keep painting my friend, keep painting...