Sunday, October 20, 2013


"Smilin' Jack"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2013
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

I can't think of anything that says Halloween better than painted steel and asphalt, can you? ; )
At least in my version.
I could paint actual pumpkins but there are enough of those.

Every year the Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington California paints one of their oil tanks, shaped like a pumpkin, for Halloween.
It takes more than 100 gallons of orange, white and black paint to cover the 3 million gallon tank, known as "Smilin' Jack". (update-correction : it is orange all year long and takes 100 gallons of white and black paint...)

In the spirit of Halloween I couldn't resist having some fun with it by churning up the sky and bringing the Jack-o-lantern to life rather than doing a more straight forward approach.
Even this view suggests he is rising from behind the asphalt berm.

"Smilin' Jack"

The seething cauldron begins its boil
Toward Halloween He starts his toil

His rise each season is his knack
For all who seek a holiday snack

What lies ahead is why He smiles
Ask those who have fallen for His wiles

His invite just might be a trap
If true, for you, will be your hap

-David J Teter-

Have fun sleeping tonight!250

*This is a horrible quality image!
More image quality upload problems with blogger.
It's random, some days it works, todays is dreadful. Very frustrating!
Please see DAILY PAINTWORKS for the better image.
I wish I knew what to do about it. If anyone out there has the answer please let me know.

**I have updated this post with a 'fixed' photo. This is how it should have looked in the first place.
See this post for an explanation.


  1. I love Halloween! My favorite holiday!
    Also love this painting my friend David!
    I love picturing a 'Jack O'Lantern" rising instead of the sun or even the moon!
    Very spooky! Great idea and well done!
    Happy Halloween Buddy!
    Michael O'Lantern

    1. Thanks Michael,
      I love Halloween too, so fun!
      Hey, why don't you paint a Jack-o'-lantern yourself as you describe. It's your favorite holiday!

      I'm sorry, here it is such a lame image. Hope you clicked the link and viewed on DAILY PAINTWORKS to see what it really looks like.

      Smilin' Jack was not happy about that! ; (

      Keep painting...

  2. Hi David, I LOVE this painting! Very original. How amazing that they paint it every year! Halloween has only recently become popular here in Australia in the last decade or two and mainly by the younger generation. It was wholly unobserved when I was growing up.The way it is celebrated in America looks like a lot of fun and very magical for kids. I hope you enjoy the day!!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thank you, this one was fun and one I had been planning for the last couple years and finally got around to it.
      Yeah the spirit of Halloween has been alive and well here for as long as I can remember. It is the most FUN holiday. On that note I had to have some fun with this painting.

      Keep painting...

  3. I grew up in Wilmington and visiting Smilin' Jack was one of the few memories I have of the seven short years I shared with Dad. We would go every year for our bags of caramel corn which they hand out every Halloween. Locals love it and I've since taken my son a few times to carry on the tradition.

    I love this painting. Such sweet memories. You did a superb job and it brought a smile almost as wide as Jack's to my face. Thank you for posting :)

  4. Thanks holographicmeatloaf ( I can't believe I just typed holographicmeatloaf!)
    I too grew up in the South Bay and my own memories of it go back too. Glad it has good ones for you too.

    I can't believe it took me so many years to get around to painting it.
    Thanks for your comment and your visit.
    Come on back anytime, we'll leave the light on.