Thursday, October 10, 2013

Church in Rain

"10th Street Rain (Church)"
watercolor on paper, 2013
6" x 9" (15.24cm x 22.86cm)
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We had our first real rain of fall this week so I thought I would paint a rain scene.
Will this (churches) be a series? I don't know yet.

I have done plenty of rain paintings. Click the RAIN label to see more.

There are tons of paintings of churches in this world. If I can find something to say it might turn into a series. I'll have to give it some thought. For now I just liked the rain motif and the shadow crawling up the side of the church.

I painted this as a continuation of a looser or more painterly approach in watercolor. Not as much pre-drawing, instead finding the image in paint. I like working this way from time to time since it is freer and I learn different 'ways of the watercolor' and what you can do with it. Even when it looks like it's failing I find I can recover it much of the time.

Watercolor has a reputation for being so final and though that is true much of the time when I do reach a point of "oh damn, your'e headed for the shredder", as I did on this one, sometimes I will hang in there figuring if it's ruined anyway I can't make it any worse so throw down paint and see what happens. This is when I lose a little more of that inherent fear of watercolor, lay it down right or it's ruined.

I should say really working the watercolor this way means a high-density paint application and I like that too. It is not the vibrant thin washes typical of a lot of watercolors. Thats OK, sometimes a heavy-handed approach serves the subject better.
Hey, maybe that is my first thought for a church series?249

Others in this dense approach here, herehere(UP 8381) and here(San Pedro Plant).

This is another adjusted image due to the Blogger image upload problems I have been having sporadically lately. The better image is on DAILYPAINTWORKS.

**I have updated this post with a 'fixed' photo. This is how it should have looked in the first place.


  1. I admire artists who can work with watercolor. It is totally beyond my capabilities. The process you described sounds like a good way to go about it, though. I really like how you created such drama and depth with this piece! The colors are rich and glowing, and it really conveys a strong mood and story. A church series would be great!

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you and it is not beyond your capabilities. Like anything it is just a matter of getting some practice in there until it starts to feel comfortable.

      Although the process sometimes leads away from my original intent it is often how to save a watercolor.
      Thanks for visiting and keep painting...

  2. Okay David! Wow! Another gem! I love this church painting! I love the rain! Your subject matter choices are outstanding! Love them. Many people don't realize the beauty in rainy days! I am glad you do and painted this wonderful scene! Great drama, a bit of tension, mood, and so much more! I also love your wonderful words that accompany your art! I love that you "hung in there" with this one! I try to never chuck any work. Not from vanity as much as hope of the possibilities? Also with oil and acrylic it is so easy to scrape off and paint over! So, again, thank you for painting and sharing your wonderful work!
    Take care buddy!
    I was hoping LA would win so they could meet up with the Red Sox!
    Go Boston!
    (Check out all the players sporting huge beards!)
    Your art buddy!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you. Yes, I too love the rain as a subject for painting. Some see rainy days as depressing. It's all in how you see and interpret and you (and Katherine) understand it.

      We still might see a Boston/LA series. Go Dodgers! That would be great. Didn't we have this conversation at the end of hockey season?
      Yeah, all the beards!

      Keep painting...