Monday, November 25, 2013

Leibster Award

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I'm a bit delinquent in getting this post out as I've been busy.

I, along with four others, was recently selected for a Leibster Award by Ricardo Azkargota,  a great watercolorist. The goal of the award is to recognize and promote blogs.
In the spirit of the award we are to choose 3-5 of our own and award them. Each must have fewer than 200 followers.
I must say it was not easy. There are several others I could have chosen and there were others that had over 300 followers already.

I could only come up with 3 that met the requirements and agreed to accept it.
It is very much like those old chain letters, however it is in the spirit of promoting each other that I went forward with it.
In no particular order my 5, 3 choices are:

1. Amanda Fish - I love her light feathery touch of the brush and her sensitive handling of her subjects.

2. Ski Holm - We share a love of the atypical, the subjects not often painted. The industrial and gritty cityscapes.

3. Frank Eber - Great atmospheric watercolors. I enjoy reading his thoughts and insights on painting, something often missed on artists blogs.

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  1. Thank you, David. I'm honored. I'll keep it going and I will keep painting.

    1. You're welcome Ski,
      I like your recent Seattle series.

      Have a great Thanksgiving.
      Keep painting...

  2. Congratulations David!
    Happy Thanksgiving My Dear Art Friend!

    1. Thanks Michael,
      You too have a great cranberry Thanksgiving.

      Keep painting...

    2. ...Oh wait a minute... you were selected by ricardo too. Congrats to you too !