Friday, November 8, 2013

Night Rain in Digital

"18th St. Rain Nocturne"
Digital, 2013

I've had my share of struggles with the digital medium. I know I only have the most basic tool (iPad) and app (Brushes) for this but one way to help figure it out is to redo one of my own oil paintings.

I look at tutorials and other digital paintings but redoing one of your own slows down the learning curve.

Now I am only reinterpreting it through a different medium. I was involved in the original decision making so I am not also trying to figure that out. It is a more simplified version with not as much of the orange throughout, the colors are not woven together as well, but I do have more mileage under my belt in oils and it was still a valuable learning excercise.252

The oil painting version here.


  1. Okay buddy! I am back in the USA. We were on a West Caribbean cruise with poor internet access! I missed my art blogging buddies so much! Thank you so much for your shout out for a blog request! Just posted something yesterday! As soon as we got home! Soooooo, Yippee for the Boston Red Sox! So very psyched about them winning the World Series! Thanks for all your support David!
    Now to your wonderful painting! I love it! Love dark! Always have! You capture darks in the most magical and interesting way! This painting makes me remember why I love dark and rainy nights! I hate it when most weather forecasters describe the rain in a negative manner! I love the way you sneak in just the right amount of light to let the beautiful darks shine! So bravo again David!
    Again thanks for being my west coast Red Sox fan!
    (So very happy they won! Sill I am able to feel badly for Detroit and Saint Louis fans! Take care Dave and keep painting!

  2. Hey Michael!,
    Hope you had a nice, relaxing, and compared to Boston this time of year, a warm trip. Thanks for visiting here, I know I can always count on you.The poor internet access explains your absence (Cruise lines should do better with that tech these days!)
    Congrats on your Red Sox Championship!
    Headed over to your blog...

    Keep painting...

  3. I love night paintings...and I love rain paintings, but I especially love both. Gorgeous job!

  4. Thank you Linda,
    I appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave a comment.
    I too love both subjects. Being a night owl I love the night.
    Even though SO Cal does not get a lot of rain I still must paint it.