Sunday, September 14, 2014

Watercolor Landscape - Storm

"Storm Over Cajon"
watercolor on paper, 2014
9" x 13" (22.86cm x 33.02cm)
Direct link to painting here

Although I would describe myself as a fair weather person I love stormy weather. It always makes for a great painting subject.
A nice dramatic storm rising from the Cajon Pass, the long climb from San Bernardino to the high desert, is about to pounce on the Mojave Desert.291


  1. Fantastic storm. I like the loose brushwork. Seeking the soul of heaven and earth.

  2. Hi Ricardo,
    Nice to hear from you again. Thank you, I did enjoy painting this one,
    A sudden storm rolling in on the high desert here is something special. It seems to come out of nowhere. It is like you say, "the soul of heaven and earth".

    Keep painting...

  3. Oaky buddy! I am so having trouble keeping up with your art and many of our shared art blog buddies. I am "out here" enjoying your art. Need to find time to comment! Of course I loved your last two posts! Both seem dark and wild! Love the loose brush works! Spontaneous!
    "Storm Over Cajun" is moving up to be near the top of my favorites of my many Avid Art favorites! I so love the sky! Wild! Churning! Dark! Foreboding! And I mean foreboding in the best sense of the word! Great drama! Of course I love the fact that you consider yourself a "fair weather person who loves stormy weather! " Gave me pause to smile! I so love stormy weather. A few times when we were in the desert in Arizona we saw similar storm clouds coming towards us from a huge distance. So very exciting and quite beautiful. In Massachusetts one cannot see too much in the distance. Too many hills, trees, forests etc. Unless up in the mountains or by the sea it is difficult to see storms coming. This scene is one of my favorites David! Bravo buddy!
    Take care David!
    Your Huge Lover Of Seeing Wild Storm Clouds Approaching From A Far Distance Art Buddy!

  4. Hi Michael,
    I think you DID just find time to comment! Thanks as always. So glad you like. Aren't storms the best!?
    There is so much drama to them, much like a churning sea. The desert is so expansive that,like you say, you can see a storm coming from miles away. When I visit my sister who lives in the high desert I always hope for something like this, or least the huge cloud formations that form over the desert.
    Good to hear from you.
    Keep painting...
    Your Desert Storm Painter

  5. David - Just hopped over here from Wendy's blog. Your art is awesome. Love the "Storm over Cajon". I can feel that storm just coming in. Will be stopping back to visit often. Looking forward to your post on the 29th.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Welcome, and thank you for your visit. Come back as often as you like.
      I love a good storm and this is how they roll in over the desert and can come out of nowhere.

  6. I just came here following Wendy's link and realize I have visited many times before!
    You have captured the storm beautifully, great drama!

    1. Hi Cielo,
      I appreciate your visits too. Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy all my recent watercolors, including this storm.
      Soon I will post some oil paintings.
      Keep painting...

  7. Again, I'm awed by the way you create that sense of atmosphere. The flow of colors through the composition, and the areas of dark and light are so effective. Hope the storms calm down a bit and you get more time to paint soon!

    1. Thanks Katherine,
      The desert is a great place for sudden weather changes. The storms and clouds always so dramatic.
      So Cal is a great place for artists. We essentially have three different climates with the desert, the mountains and the valley's coastal areas all within an hour or two from each other.
      Must paint it all if I can.
      I am painting a lot, have 15 or 20 in progress. Just need to get to finishing some of it.