Friday, November 7, 2014

My Pinterest Page

OK, I have been busy with multiple projects lately and have not been posting here to my blog.
I have however managed to start a Pinterest page, something I have had in mind for a while.

Of course it is a work in progress and incomplete for some categories but I felt I had enough uploaded to make the announcement here.

One advantage, unlike my Daily Paintworks gallery or this blog, is you can see more of my art on the screen at one time regardless of its status.

My DPW gallery does not include work sold before I joined it or artwork not available for sale. The blog format does not allow for simple showcasing of my artwork by subject, genre and series or without scrolling through posts or using keywords.
DPW serves primarily as a sale site, my blogs, Avid Art and Avid Art 2, as a record of my thoughts and ideas behind the work and my Pinterest page as a showcase of work past and present, preliminary and finished.

It serves a different purpose. Easy and quick viewing of my art.

Seven online locations, links:
David J. Teter on Pinterest.
David J. Teter on Daily Paintworks
David J. Teter on Avid Art 2 blog
David J. Teter on Google Plus
David J. Teter on You Tube
David J. Teter on Linkedin
... and, you are already here but go ahead and click anyway  ; ) ...
David J. Teter on Avid Art blog


  1. Hey buddy! So much art to see! So little time! Good for you David! Good luck with the new site! More opportunities for so many more people to be fortunate enough to see your wonderful art! Take care David!

  2. Hey Michael! So much art to DO so little time!
    My palette is full right now, hence the lack of blog posts lately but soon I will get back to it. Thank you.
    I like the Pinterest page for it's layout.
    Keep coming back, I'm not done here.