Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rusty Haze

"Oil Plant 11 (Rusty Haze)"
oil on panel, 2014
6" x 6" (15.25cm x 15.24)

Number 11 in my series of the Oil Plant, actually an oil pumping station from the 1930's or 40's I think.
(I've done more than 11, some were not titled within the numbers) Unfortunately it is gone now but my series will continue. It is a hazy memory.
I left out quite a bit of the pipes and such in the background, more than I usually do. I reached a point and it just felt right for this one. It was more about the thick atmosphere.
But then I take another look and think it may have been better with just a whisper of them here and there.
Who knows. It's probably better to move on to the next one.292


  1. Okay now buddy I am feeling a whole lot better! Not that I need an Avid Art Fix on a daily basis but I was getting a bit anxious! So very happy to see your wonderful art! You are right about moving on, "Who knows? It's probably better to move on to the next one!" I never hardly ever know when to stop! More or less stop when it feels right! Anyway your title is great! You had me at "Rusty Haze!" Of course now I am getting a bit of your sense of humor thinking only of "Purple Haze" by our buddy Jimmy H! This painting is another gem David! I so love your subject matter and of course the way you handle the medium and render your objects! I think rust is beautiful! Many years ago I was taking a steel sculptor class. I so loved the professor. He always stressed the importance of leaving the metal alone when finished. Let it rust outdoors! Great to see you posting again on your blog David! This piece is perfect! Have the best holiday ever!
    Michael Rust Lover!

  2. Thanks as always Michael. I know, I will get back to posting on a regular basis soon, at least just after the holidays! Been so busy.
    Ha Ha Ha - Purple Haze, got it or you got it first, even before me! I was just thinking along the lines of two of my favorite subjects, rust and haze (or at least sky's that are NOT clear).
    Yes it can be hard to know when to stop on a painting as you know. Sometimes I will just set aside then take a fresh look and decide at it other times I know from the start how far to take it.
    You took a sculpture class!. Learned something new about you, very cool. And a wise professor, let it rust!
    David, Another Rust Lover!
    Keep painting...

  3. Wonderful composition on this one. I like how the lines move easily throughout the piece. And the tonality that creates such a strong mood and atmosphere. You do that so well!

  4. Thank you Katherine,
    It is one of my favorite subjects and I hope I never run out of ways to paint it considering it is now gone. I decided to do this one in a limited palette of five colors to enhance the atmospheric effect.
    Keep drawing...