Thursday, January 1, 2015

E 4th St. Bridge

"E 4th St. Bridge"
watercolor on paper, 2013
10" x 15" (25.4cm x 38.1cm)

Happy New Year!

I recently submitted this painting for Splash 17, the annual book on watercolor.

The solid but well aged E 4th St. Bridge near downtown Los Angeles, a concrete arch bridge built in 1930.

This section is referred to as the 4th St. Bridge split, where it splits south to E 4th Place. It is on the western side of the Los Angeles River and viewed from under E 4th Place.

Often when I paint an older structure I show it as it is today. Here I anchored it in the present by adding the orange fluorescent traffic cone and post.294


  1. Hi David, just catching up on your blog. I love your recent paintings - fantastic compositions and colours! All very atmospheric too - you really are the master of industrial themed paintings!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!! May it see you happy, healthy and creative!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you. I have more coming soon. I have not been posting as much lately but will soon start posting new work as I finish. Maybe some with contrails!
    Happy New Year to you and look forward to more of your ink drawings.
    Keep inking and painting...

  3. I like this watercolor. Interestingly, the use of light, without fanfare. Almost silently, without noise. It is a common feature in your painting.
    Happy New Year

    1. Hi ricardo,
      Thank you. Your comments always reflect careful study and thought, often very similar to my own while I am painting. I certainly owe much of that (painting philosophy) to my studies of Edward Hopper who preferred to paint the subject and not allow the medium itself to outshine all else.

      Happy New Year and
      Keep painting...

      Hola Ricardo,
      Gracias. Sus comentarios siempre reflejan estudio y reflexión cuidadosa, a menudo muy similar a la mía mientras estoy pintando. Sin duda le debo mucho de eso (la filosofía pintura) a mis estudios de Edward Hopper que preferían pintar el tema y no permitir que el propio medio para eclipsar todo lo demás.

      Feliz Año Nuevo y
      Mantenga la pintura ...

  4. Hello Buddy! What is going on? How can it be that I am not getting to your blog sooner than this! Whaaaaaaat! So I am here now! Concrete, steel, rust, old fences, over passes, underpasses, city scenes! Who could ask for anything more! As you know David I am a huge Avid Art Fan! All of your paintings have so much meaning for me! They all touch my heart! Great emotion! Thank you David for keeping it real! Also your skill is exceptional! So my dear art friend another huge BRAVO to you! Hope weather and so much more is on the upswing in your wonderful neck of the woods!
    Have A Very Happy And Healthy Art Filled 2015 David!
    Michael Lover Of Avid Art Forever!

    1. Thank you Michael!
      Who doesn't like a good old bridge, right? And who doesn't appreciate your enthusiasm! So glad my work has meaning for you. There are some great bridges in Old LA. I was up there recently and of course got inspired to paint more of them! Stay tuned!
      Weather is currently warm after a cold spell.

      Hope you are having a great New Year and here's to a healthy 2015!

      Keep painting...
      Your West Coaster

  5. Again, a beautiful composition with an incredibly strong sense of atmosphere and mood. I'm also admiring the perspective, and the way you have movement and depth even in the shadows. Nice Job!

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you, we often have these kinds of days, slightly overcast but bright and warm. I love them, I see them, I paint them.
      When I came across this view I knew I had to put it to paint.
      And thanks for noticing the movement in the shadows. Interestingly enough the soot from traffic collected on the underside of the bridge created these great patterns due to rain water running across its underside but never completely washing it all away.
      Urban patina.

      Keep drawing...