Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Small Works Show - Matrix 3

"Power Plant Interior 3"
oil on panel, 2014
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

This painting will be in the Annual Holiday Small Works Group Show at Segil Fine Arts Gallery in Monrovia California.
Opening night is Saturday December 6th 2014 from 5:00-7:00pm.

The Gallery will be changing its ownership and name for 2015 to Saga Fine Art Gallery.

From my Power Plant Interior Series.
It is one of the most fascinating buildings. Several stories high with the interior nearly wide open and a matrix of pipes, valves and walkways, steel and concrete, vast and deep.
Built between 1954 and 1967 it is well-worn and distressed with peeling paint and is a dinosaur in technological terms.

The light filtering through the translucent windows is a cool pale yellow, the walls and pipes are painted in ochres and creams and turn to earthy oranges in the deeper recesses of the cavernous plant.293

The others in this series:
"Power Plant Interior #1"
"Power Plant Interior #2"
"Power Plant Interior-Study #1"

Here are my paintings of the exterior of the same plant:
"Resting Tractor (w / Retired Power Plant)"
"Retired Power Plant"


  1. I don't think I've ever seen your interiors series. Those are fantastic!

  2. Thank you Katherine,
    I really love the building and would paint more if they sold better. Economics!
    I have also painted the exterior of it and added links to this post.
    Keep drawing...

  3. Hey David! How did I miss this one! I am sure I commented on this one? (Lately my life seems like the movie "Ground Hog Day!" ) I so love your subject matter David! I may have asked you this before if I did I am sorry to be repetitive but anyway..."How did you get so interested in this wonderful subject matter? As you know I so love all your artwork! Of course because of your great skill but also because of the fantastic things you choose to paint! Thank you David! Your beautiful art always strikes a wonderful chord with me!
    Keep on keeping on buddy!
    (I so know how important economics is my dear friend! I keep this little quote hung in a very prominent spot in my art studio! "To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it!" So please try to keep on making all your great art! Even those gems that don't sell? I so love everything you paint David. I so hope I don't sound too bold or arrogant buddy! I so love your art and would hate it if you didn't keep making all your great art David! "Art for art sake!" )
    Your Very Dear Lover Of All David J. Teter's Great Avid Art Buddy Who Hopes He Didn't Cross Any Line.
    Michael Lover Of Rust Steel Concrete Trains Old City Buildings Bridges Over Passes Underpasses And So Much More!

  4. Hi Michael,
    You may have commented on another from this small series. I got interested in this subject matter (industrial and urban) for a number of reasons. And thanks for asking.

    Both my Grandfathers had a love of all things mechanical as did my Dad so it was affectively passed on to me. I grew up in the garage, working on cars and all things mechanical, building fences, fixing the house so it is in my blood. Also living near the LA Harbor and industry I paint what I see.

    Don't worry, I will continue to paint these types of subjects, sales or not, as I said it IS in my blood, but I also have to be realistic and earn a living, simple economics.
    In fact see my next post. It is the polar opposite of these.

    Thank you Michael for your comment and interest. You are my #1 supporter!

    Your Industrial/Urban Painter