Sunday, June 21, 2015

Art-A-Fair Hanging and More Hustle and Bustle

It was another busy day at Art-A-Fair. Everyone was rushing around like ants after a good rain installing art and finishing their booths.

Here are some pics as we were hanging my paintings, a job that always takes longer than planned doesn't it?
Second photo down is my sister Jennifer who is an Interior Designer and brings her own expertise to the hanging, the layout and colors here, the framing, and too many other tasks to mention. The ones we artists don't like doing! She will also be sitting in my booth for much of the fair when I am not there.
Jennifer also designed my Avid Art logo, my promotional material, new business cards, postcards, letterhead etc. Without her I would not have the high level of professionalism in everything beyond the  paintings.
So a big thank you Jennifer!

The third photo down you can see Amanda Fish in the background. She is the friend who encouraged me to enter this years Art-A-Fair after visiting her booth in 2014.
We have our booth's just around the corner from each other which is really cool.

There are a couple of new landscape paintings to hang in the lower right after I pick them up from the framer in the morning. We still have to hang the title/price labels and have just a couple little details to do but other than that my booth is ready for the opening!
Whew! So much work! But really satisfying as we near the grand opening!
Then... maybe I will have, no... schedule, some time for sleep!

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