Friday, June 19, 2015

My Art-A-Fair Booth

Today I was down at Art-A-Fair painting and preparing my booth for next weeks opening night.
Here are some pics of me painting the wall and logo stripes and applying the logo type.

Although I have been frantically painting in the studio, sending paintings off to the framer and doing all the other countless tasks, excited about the summer festival, it now feels real. Seeing it all come together always makes the difference. Up to this point all the planning, meetings and talk has been on paper or in my mind.

Now I can see it in the flesh!
Stay tuned for more...


  1. Hey Buddy! Remember me? So very sorry I haven't been commenting on your wonderful blog lately. Not sure what is going on but since I injured my stupid shoulder I have been very negligent about art. Not being able to paint is a huge disappointment! Oh well. Of course I so love this post. Love seeing you getting your display ready. So very organized and so well done! Good for you David. I love your latest train painting also. And I love your most recent post with all your art hung! So very nice! Now I have to get going and start commenting on all our other blog buddies posts! Take care David and thanks for posting! ( I so hope you get some much needed water soon!) ( I have been do some painting but this hurt shoulder is so frustrating!)
    Take care David!
    Your Still An Avid Art Loving Blogging Buddy!

  2. Hey Michael! Of course I remember. So sorry to hear your shoulder is still kaput. I know what it is like to not be able to paint. I had a pinched nerve for 3 weeks one time and could not lift my arm. Being an artist and not being able to paint is torture! I hope you mend soon and can get back to the easel!
    It is exciting now that the show has opened. Water? Nope!
    Keep mending... (and later keep painting...)