Sunday, August 9, 2015

Art-A-Fair 18th St. Nocturne

"18th St. Nocturne"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2015
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

Here is another painting down at Art-A-Fair. I love the nocturne and that stillness of night.

We paint what we see. The view from my balcony, which I have painted several times. This one from early in the evening, lights still on in many of the homes. I love the linear quality of the lit power lines which break up the sky, make the composition more dynamic and gives the painting some energy.311


  1. It is a painting that I really like. It has a casual attitude. It seems to be a picture taken at random. But not so the image is balanced by the lights and cables, the focus remains the great light of the house. Great work !!

    Es una pintura que me gusta mucho. Tiene una actitud casual. Parece que es una imagen tomada al azar. Pero no es asi la imagen esta equilibrada por las luces y los cables,mantiene el centro de interes la gran luz de la casa. Gran obra!!

    1. Thank you ricardo,
      You are right. It's casual randomness comes from the everyday image, the ones we see every day. But as you know we still must make a proper picture from it. I do like to see and reinterpret the view I see everyday and here I decided to include the wires lit by the lights.
      Keep painting...

      Gracias Ricardo,
      Tienes razón. Es aleatoriedad informal proviene de la imagen todos los días, los que vemos todos los días. Pero como usted sabe que todavía hay que hacer una imagen adecuada de la misma. Me gusta ver y reinterpretar la vista que veo todos los días y aquí decidí incluir los cables iluminados por las luces.
      Mantenga la pintura ...

  2. Another gem David! I agree with Ricardo! I so love your magical art! I also love dark paintings! Not sure why! I also love light paintings! But the darks intrigue me! Well done buddy! (Love the night! Love the night sky! Still love the day too!)
    Take care David!
    All the Best!
    Lover Of Dark Paintings Art Buddy Michael Always Wishing For Rain In California!

    1. Thanks Michael,
      The dark, it does have its own fascination and long tradition in the arts doesn't it? I love the nocturne and love to study and paint it. Never get tired of the night.
      Keep painting...