Saturday, August 1, 2015

Art-A-Fair SPIDER!

Yep, a tarantula visited one of the artists booths, a nice big scary one! The spider, not the booth. Gives new meaning to buyer beware, lol!
I won't mention his name (Bill!) because he is afraid of spiders and came (running) to me to "Get it!"
Which I did and a beauty he or she was. I released in back into the wild of course... ♪♪born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows♪♪... well, you know.
Can't blame the spider I mean after all it was Free Entry night at Art-A-Fair and why not take it as a compliment considering all the other booths he/she could have visited. Must have been his shiny art that was so attractive.

Just one of several critters I have seen around Art-A-Fair, the others being rabbits and raccoons coming out of the hills, all furry I might add! So much fun here! Excitement galore!
We had the fire a few weeks back, the heavy rains two weekends ago... all very eventful.

What next I wonder? Stay tuned!


  1. Good grief, what a sight!! Are they poisonous? We get a type of big hairy spider about that big (huntsman) but they are harmless - except for the terror they ignite on discovery! You were very brave to rescue it!
    Sounds like there has been a lot of drama at Art-A-Fair and not all in the artwork it seems!

  2. Oh Dear! Oh My! Yes much drama, all the more exciting it is! I think most tarantulas are non-poisonious (deadly) to humans, at least here in So Cal, but I could be wrong. I am sure the bite would at least leave some kind of welt and would still be painful, OUCH!
    Funny, I used a cup to try scooping him/her into a paper bag. It did not go in. Instead it climbed down the outside of the bag across the bottom and up the side I was holding, ha ha!
    I eventually got it in the bag although with some disagreement from the spider!
    When I set it free it took off running for cover.
    Just another day at Art-A-Fair!
    I must do a painting of one now... yeah.
    Keep drawing, painting, writing...