Thursday, February 4, 2016

NWS Show at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center

The NWS Invitational Plein Air Painting Exhibition opens tonight in Fullerton California.
I have six watercolors hanging in the upcoming exhibition and sale.

With special thanks to Penny Hill of National Watercolor Society and Matthew Leslie of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center for curating and putting the show together.

I am among some great NWS artists for this show so I know it will be top notch talent and I am  anxious to see it myself.
Mine were painted on location, plein air, primarily in and around my home town and The Port of LA.

They are quick studies done on location, much like a journalistic approach, and allow me to get familiar with the subject and often inform my studio work.


  1. Oh, how exciting David! I hope the opening night was a great success. Sounds like you've been busy - with six paintings on show!
    Thanks for your helpful advice re: fluorescent colours. Feeling a bit burnt out after the challenge so have got behind on responses.
    Good luck with the show. Look forward to hearing how it all pans out for you!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks,opening night was well attended and there will be another exhibition night about half way through the 2 month show. Looking forward to it too.
    Feeling a bit burnt out? Burnt sienna?
    You did great on the challenge, see previous post.
    Keep painting...