Monday, March 28, 2016

Marker Drawings 26 - Juries

Sketchbook drawings
Sharpie markers bullet, fine point, ultra fine point, Dick Blick Studio markers, 2016
sketchbook 6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)

Juried and Jury Duty days.
I always have the sketchbook in the car and when I can or have waiting time I'll sketch. No problem concerning the word jury. It means waiting. Just cooling your heels as my Dad used to say.

Surprisingly though when I was called for jury service I ended up with less waiting time than I expected. Good? No. I was called to a court room for the interview process almost right away and was sure I would get seated on a jury and I nearly did but 'escaped'. I really don't mind jury duty, I have sat on 3 cases over the years. I don't dread it except for the loss of income. This time I could not afford the time. Whew!

The jury room sketches could be better but from where I was sitting all I could see was the backs of peoples heads. I had just begun drawing from my imagination, the third page down, when I was called up.
The top page I was sitting outside at the cafe' for lunch and had a nice view of the old courthouse which I thought was being re-furbished. Then I later overheard it was being demo'ed, demolished, razed, hence the notation correction.
As I returned inside to the courthouse after lunch security took away my wide marker. They had missed it in the morning but not this time. I guess the wide ones are not allowed because of the putz taggers who like to graffiti where ever they can get away with it, mostly in the bathrooms.

I thumbed this new courthouse when it was being built, see this post, so it was fun to be able to sit at it drawing the old one now. The top thumbnail from it would be roughly the same view looking back the other way from the old courthouse. In it, I would now be sitting right about where the far right of that angular structure meets the ground, looking back at the old courthouse. Does that make sense?

My other brush with jury was jurying in a second medium for this years Art-A-Fair. Drop off in the morning, pick up in the afternoon. In between, wait.
I drew the hillside and rock formations across the street from my car for a short while but dang-nab-it it was one of those days when it just wasn't flowing so the bottom sketch is all I have to show for it. The other sketches just died on the page.
It's okay though. I was in Laguna, art galleries galore. I visited a couple of those, including two painters I got to know at Art-A-Fair last year and also had the chance to visit with a third friend who was sitting in her artist co-op gallery for the day.
If I could not make the art I could at least talk it.

On a good note the second medium was juried in! Watercolor.
It is Art-A-Fair's 50th year so I am happy to have two mediums in my booth for 2016.
But that's a story for another day!437,438,439,440


  1. Love your sketching style David - these all look great! Enjoyed reading about your close-call with jury duty and your previous experiences with being put on cases.
    Sounds like you have been a busy man.

  2. Thanks Wendy, Yes I have been busy! Glad to have jury duty behind me now. Why does it always seem to come at the most inopportune time?!
    I thought I would be filling half the sketchbook but not this time.
    Had fun with them though but wish I had more time to sketch my fellow jurors.
    Keep drawing...

  3. Yes, love your figures - you have a lovely innate talent for capturing poses. Particularly like the little sketch at the bottom right - with the jurors' heads appearing above the seats from the back! Great stuff!

  4. Thanks again Wendy. Figures are the hardest because unlike buildings and trees and things they have a way of moving. I will try to get some figures up here in pen soon.
    Keep drawing...