Saturday, August 5, 2017

Laguna Art-A-Fair 2017

We are almost half way through Laguna Art-A-Fair and I am just getting around to posting. Busy.
Pics from Preview night. Friend Amanda Fish in her booth near mine and another friend Yuri Kuznetsov, standing center bottom photo, across from my booth.
Both great artists.
The layout was changed this year and is so much better for flow, seeing more booths from any given spot and not as confusing as before. Love it.

See my Laguna Art-A-Fair page here.


  1. Hello David! This is your East Coast Art Buddy, Michael Perchard! Sorry I haven't commented in a very long time. Not even sure last time I wrote to you! Been quite ill for long time and finally now on the mend. Just letting you know I am out here doing okay and hoping to paint more and get back to art land! Hope you are well buddy! I have been posting a little on FB! Take care Davig! Michale On The Mend Art Buddy

  2. Hey Michael! Hey Michael! Hey Michael!
    I am so happy to hear from you again! I wondered. Was not sure if you abandoned your blogging for FB or what.
    Not as many following blogs like 'the old days'.
    Sorry about your health but I am happy you are on the mend and back!
    As you can see I have not posted much recently either but do plan on getting back to it soon. Sometimes we just get busy with other matters and the time passes so quickly!
    Stay tuned.