Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Of the Night ' 2

"Nocturne-Night Owl"
oil on panel, 2009
3.5" x 5" (8.89cm x 12.7cm)
private collection

Another perfect subject for the nocturne, the owl. Like the cat, made for the darkness. Night vision, stealthy, a silent predator.

Sitting high atop it's perch, a quick swoop, barely a whisper, an apparition out of the corner of your eye. Like so much wildlife, forced to adapt to urban environments.

As I said in my previous post 'Concrete Facades', this image could just as easily be a nature scene. Instead it's urban. Here I've substituted the power pole for a tree, the street light... a stand in for the moon. The only bit of nature, the tree top at the bottom, it's shape mirror's the owl.33
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