Thursday, April 28, 2011

6" Squared Show Video

A video has been posted on the Randy Higbee Gallery Blog of the recent 6" Squared Exhibition and Sale.
This wasn't even the busiest part of the night. At some points you could hardly get through the crowd.
I managed to make a couple of unknowing appearances.
A fun night night meeting other artists, collectors and talking art. I even bought another artists' work and was fortunate enough to be able to hear her thoughts behind the painting... something you don't always get... and oh what a story! When I saw the painting I knew it was mine... some things you just know.


  1. I wandered onto your blog not having any idea 'my story' lives on here. I smile everytime I remember how we sealed the deal. This was a fun surprise and I am really glad I did not yet go to bed but instead came here. Thanks so much David! Shogan.

  2. Thank you Susan!
    I was happy to be able to meet you at the show since I love the painting.
    I knew I had to have it when I saw it, as I said "I knew it was mine."
    It first reminded me of my Dad, who carried a zippo and would stand it up, not lay it down, on a wood table at the end of his day.

    Then I got your story behind the painting, further enhancing the appeal for me, giving it more meaning.