Monday, April 11, 2011

Refinery at 6 x 6

"Refinery #1"   SOLD
oil on panel, 2011
6" x 6" (15.24cm x 15.24cm)

Here is the third painting in the 6" Squared exhibition and sale April 16th at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa California. Two other's here and here.

One of the many reasons I love industrial subjects is the palette of colors usually found. The blues, greens, grays, earthy and rusty browns, ochres, creams, whites and black. This struck me for the taupe of the refinery and the clean crisp white steam set against the stormy gray blue sky.

Refineries are very complicated to paint but fascinating to study. Although made from simple forms they are incredibly complex in their construction, a seemingly endless configuration of pipes, tanks, towers, catwalks, poles, lights... miles of steel, aluminum, asphalt and concrete. Formally arranged, hard edged and grid like contrasted by the softer organic forms of steam and clouds.111

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