Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last Kiss

"Sunkist Packing Plant (w/ Contrail)"
oil on panel, 2010
8" x 6" (20.32cm x 15.25cm)

A section of the Sunkist Packing Plant in Orange County California, recently shut down and I feared was slated for demolition. Fortunately it looks like it will survive, a local college has begun taking over the site.

It served the citrus industry since 1945, collecting fruit from local farms, processing and packing it for shipment onto trucks. Here, the west side of the plant along the Amtrak rails receives the last kiss of sunlight, the wind raking away at the contrail.107

Click on image for larger view


  1. great shadows David, and i can feel the sunlight on that building:)

  2. Thanks Rahina,
    I was only mildly happy with this one at completion, so I almost didn't post it (had such high hopes at the beginning). So I appreciate hearing a positive reaction to it.