Sunday, September 30, 2012

NWS Award

SOLD  National Watercolor Society

I am pleased to announce that my painting "PHL Sulfur Pile" won an award, "Kanuga Watermedia Workshops Award", this past weekend during the opening at the National Watercolor Society 92nd Annual Exhibition here in San Pedro California.

The painting will also be part of the traveling show, touring the country for 12 months following the exhibition.
I was also accepted for NWS Signature status after submitting 3 additional paintings for review.
The show will hang September 29th - December 2 2012. Check previous post (below) for gallery hours and map.

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NWS website link
NWS facebook link

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  1. Congratulations David!
    It is so nice when people understand and appreciate your excellent art.
    I am happy for you. Thanks for posting!
    Keep on painting.
    Take care.
    Your East Coast Art Buddy,

    1. Thank you Michael,
      It was quite a day!
      I always enjoy your comments and can always count on your visits.
      I just got some pics sent to me and will post them next.