Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Past Work 5

watercolor/gouache on illus. board
13.5" x 12" (34.29cm x 30.48cm)

My niece at around 5 or 6 six years old...
The color palette here is atrocious, at least to me, but is reflective of colors my niece loved back then, which was one of my intentions.
Remember, experimental work means leaving your comfort zone in part so here I wanted the palette to be tied into her instead of relying on the usual familiar palette (from then) without much thought.
That mauve in the background and lavender in the shirt makes me shudder. However, even now when I look at this I don't just see Megan at that time, instead I'm taken back to memories of who she was too, it radiates with her personality beyond just a likeness. So with that, I'm happy.

This one, like the other recently posted portraits, I simply reached a point and stopped. Although I saw some problems with drawing, form transitions and even design issues I did not want to lose or destroy that spontaneity associated with experimenting and lose the liveliness of her character... remembering that experimental for me means it is more about learning and discovering than about making a finished piece of art.

I can also see where I struggled with the medium leaving some areas unresolved.
The hair is a little too coarse and abrupt since I did not refine and soften it for its bright sunny light. Some areas like the shadow in her arm and shirt are too busy but again I did not want to refine at the expense of freshness.194

Portrait of Megan as an adult here.

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  1. "Megan" is great! This painting and the painting as a young woman!
    Love the bright colors and sparkling lights in this one. I like the darks in the "Megan"as a young woman.
    Both are great tributes to this little girl and young woman!
    Great happiness as a child and seems more dramatic as a young woman.
    Both very successful. Megan is lucky to have you.
    Paint on my South West Coast Art Buddy!

  2. Thanks Michael,
    It's sometimes hard to pull out old work for another look but easier when it is experimental.
    I was most happy that I captured her personality.
    Thanks for your visit and always kind words.
    Your west coast to east coast painting pal,
    Keep painting...